Taxi in Surra 55862525


Kio Taxi in Surra is ready to serve you, if you want to go to your destination with the latest taxis, you will find them at Surra Kio Taxi, do not bother searching and continue with the providers immediately.

Surra Taxi Kuwait 

Taxi in surra 55862525
Taxi in surra 55862525

 This service is in the Surra area,

 It will ensure your safe arrival completely to all areas in the Capital Governorate or anywhere in Kuwait.

Kio Taxi numbers are available for everyone who wants to get the service, ready to serve you day and night, 24 hours, all you have to do is contact us and simply request the car you want.

After your request for a short period of time, you will receive one of our cars driven by an experienced and skilled driver, and he also has extensive knowledge of all areas that the customer may intend within the State of Kuwait, and ways to reach it as quickly as possible.

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What is unique about Kio Taxi navel services is that it includes all areas in the State of Kuwait and is not limited to the capital governorate.

Kio Taxi works in the Surra area of ​​the Capital Governorate and the nearby areas including Dasman, Al Sharq, Al Sawaber, Mirqab, Al Qibla, Salhiya, Bneid Al Gar, Kaifan, Dasma, Al Daiyah, Mansourieh, Abdullah Al Salem, Al Nuzha, Al Faiha, Al Shamiya, Al Rawda, Adailiya, Khalidiya, Qadisiyah, Qurtuba, Al-Surra, Yarmouk, Shuwaikh, Al-Rai, Granada, Sulaibikhat, Doha, Al-Nahda, Jaber Al-Ahmad City, Kairouan, northwest of Sulaibikhat.

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